I have lost all control of my life..
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Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do.
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okay, so what happens DIRECTLY before this bit of dialogue needs needs NEEDS to be talked about.

This entire episode is all about Batman and Orion shitting all over how The Flash does things and how flippant and aloof he is and so they all go to his city to try to stop some of his criminals from trying to kill the flash.

And when Flash finds this villain in the bar Batman and Orion both try to beat the info out of him and flash calls them off and sits right down next to him and just asks if he’s gone off his meds and lets him vent about what’s going on in his life.  And at the end he tells the Flash that he’ll start taking his medicine again and where the rest of the villains are that are trying to kill him.  ONLY THEN does Flash tell him to hand himself in.

once Flash is assured that he’s okay and not going to hurt anyone else.  it flies in the face of Batman’s fear and Orion’s brutality, it throws both of their brutal real-world techniques out of the water… because the Flash just wants people to be happy and safe, not to strike fear or defeat foes.

and that makes him pretty amazing

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Had to do a last minute birthday cake for a VERY indecisive child. He just would not pick one hero. and at first I was going to make an Olaf cake but it’s cool. We agreed on this style and he loved it.

Marble Cake, Vanilla Buttercream, and a mix of modeling chocolate and marshmallow fondant toppers because, again, super last minute. I didn’t have time to make more of one and didn’t have enough without both so… yeah.

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Cunt again? It was odd how men … used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.


— Asha Greyjoy, A Dance With Dragons   (via scrlett)



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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it
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this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

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Post-it Notes Left on the Train

Writer and illustrator October Jones, the creative genius behind Text From Dog and these funny train commute doodles, is at it again with these hilarious motivational post-it notes that he leaves on the train and in other random places.The upbeat doodles, which star Jones’ adorable character Peppy the Inspirational Cat, convey positive and funny messages meant to motivate daily commuters. Whether you’re feeling the Monday blues or in need of some encouragement, Jones’ delightful post-it notes are sure to brighten your day and remind you just how awesome you are.

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these are awesome …

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i feel safe knowing that he is a guardian of our galaxy

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